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The Tumultuous History of the Bank of America is the riveting story of the rise of the Bank of America under A.P. Giannini, the once California farm boy. Through a series of mergers it rose to be the world's largest bank. Moira Johnston traces the bank's rise to pre-eminence during the petro-dollar era. She portrays its decline as an undetected malady that ravaged the corporate entity and analyzes its amazing partial revival under Tom Clausen, blamed by many for the bank's previous disasters. It is the story of a corporate culture that failed to respond to change, facing the financial revolution of the 1980s as a handicapped mismatch.

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Moira Johnson made an astounding showing with regards to of recounting the account of the disappointment of B of A. I was head of Strategic Planning for the Retail Division and Bruce Mitchell was the head of Strategic Planning for World Banking (Wells Fargo contact). I exited the bank in disappointment after the man accountable for the branch framework neglected to end up distinctly occupied with making arrangements for the change of the bank. Senior administration neglected to bolster or get included in the arranging exertion. Rather they brought it over with Boston Consulting Group who flopped in their examination after the bank burned through millions on the exertion. Armacost's inclusion with Adizes venture was an aggregate joke!!! It squandered both cash and time. However there was some great exertion spent on acquisitions. It's appalling that Moira Johnson didn't achieve three years additionally back to portray the underlying endeavors at reshaping the bank that bombed because of the absence of support of Senior Management. Or you could just try to reach bank of america customer care


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